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Christine Baade is a board certified massage therapist since 2010 and certified holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with ongoing study at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute as well as a registered Yoga instructor certified by the Yin Yoga Institute.
Christine’s desire is to revolutionize the way we approach women’s health by providing cutting edge holistic therapies all under one roof. Her signature services include therapeutic and relaxation massage, as well as pregnancy, postpartum, fertility and womb-healing massage. Christine’s unique approach unites massage therapy with healthy, sustainable lifestyle coaching to up-level your potential healing by addressing underlying factors relating to lifestyle, food and your personal desire to create abundant joy in your life and comfort in your body regardless of where you might be in your wellness journey.

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Pricing & Services

30 minutes: $45 (Spot treatment for 1-2 areas)
45 minutes: $70 (Spot treatment for 2-4 areas)
60 minutes: $85 (Full body massage, +$25 for fertility massage and Raindrop Technique)
75 minutes: $99 (Full body massage plus extra time for 1-2 areas that need it the most, +$25 for fertility massage)
90 minutes: $115 (Full body massage plus time for everything, + $25 for fertility massage)
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Additional 15 minutes: $15
Add an extra 15 minutes to your session when you feel like you need just a bit more time.
Aromatherapy: $15
Add your choice of essential oils/blends to address various concerns like boosting immunity, breathe treatment, digestive support, joint/muscle discomfort, emotion/mood/energy balance or head tension.
Scalp treatment: $15
Extra attention to your scalp includes choice of aromatherapy to leave you feeling totally relaxed.
Relaxation – Swedish massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork.
Therapeutic – this intuitive approach to deep tissue bodywork is intended to eliminate pain, increase range of motion and rebalance the entire body.
Prenatal – pregnant and miserable? Need to feel better and hurt less during pregnancy? I am a specialist in pregnancy pain relief. You will be completely supportive by pillows in the side-lying position. It’s okay if you fall asleep!!! 😉
Postpartum – Recover from childbirth, cope with sleep deprivation and feel emotionally and physically better when you get regular massage through motherhood.
Fertility and Womb-healing – struggling to get pregnant or planning to conceive? Do you suffer from painful conditions such as endometriosis or PCOS? Fertility massage is a mind-body-spirit/holistic approach to getting pregnant and/or working through infertility. Can be used before or during a journey through IVF, IUI, etc. Call for consult
Raindrop Technique – This is not a massage, but a light touch session that makes you so calm. Young Livings proprietary Raindrop Technique massage with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience.
Migraine Miracle treatment – a 30minute session focused only on the face, neck and head with the use of Cold Stone Therapy designed to fit strategic positions on the head and neck to relieve migraine pressure and pounding pain, plus the healing benefits of aromatherapy included.
Pediatric & Infant massage – I work on little ones and teens , parent is present in the room at all times.
Moon Cycle massage – this deeply therapeutic session is designed to support women during their monthly Moon Cycle. This massage eases cramps, pain, and tension associated with PMS and dysmenorrhea surrounding the monthly period.
1:1 or Group support to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes based on personal goals, food choices, a desire to feel better in your body. Topics for discussion may include:
• General wellness and hormone balancing
• Clean eating and Mindfulness
• Healing your body for pregnancy
• Holistic pelvic pain relief
• Natural living and environmental detoxing
Schedule a FREE 20min. Clarity Call for details and to discuss how health coaching might best support you in achieving your goals.