Alla Smith | Owner & Yoga Instructor

In 2001, I tried my first yoga class at the recommendation of a friend. I was hooked. Because of my athletic background, I immediately loved the physical benefits of yoga. It transformed my body, helping me become more flexible, toned, and fluid. Among the many wonderful things about yoga, I think one of them is that it really helps us read and befriend our own bodies. However, it wasn’t until a health scare that I came to know yoga as so much more than just a physical practice.   It can have a significant impact on your mind and how you view yourself and the world around you.

Michele McCormick | Yoga Instructor

Michele began regularly practicing yoga while living in Hawaii in 1999 and later was able to deepen her practice in Guam for 2 years, where practicing on the beaches and among Spanish ruins is the norm. She was interested in learning more about the philosophy behind yoga and so completed her 200-RYT teacher training in 2007. She has continued her education in the many different styles of yoga by attending workshops with diverse teachers such as renowned Astanga practitioner Beryl Bender Birch and Yogic Arts founder Duncan Wong. Michele loves introducing yoga to students new to the discipline, and also loves guiding the practice of more advanced students. She appreciates how yoga brings increased strength, flexibility, presence of mind, and balance to life on and off the mat. Her favorite classes have a bit of challenge and fun because many students can best remain in the present moment when working their physical body in a new way. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!

Colette Bell McGuire

Colette Bell McGuire | Yoga Instructor

Colette took her first Hatha Yoga class with her mom in high school and while she was interested in the Practice from the beginning, it was not until she discovered Vinyasa Flow Yoga in 2008 that she truly found her passion. As Colette explored the linking of movement with breath, she uncovered a stillness and peace within herself that continues to inspire her every time she rolls out her mat. Colette completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Wendy Dahl of Blue Sun Yoga, in addition to various workshops concentrating on teaching Yoga to Children. She is also a 200-hour RYT. While Colette teaches adults and children of all levels, she has a special interest in introducing the Beautiful Practice of Yoga to Beginners.


Sarah Eisenlord | Yoga Instructor

Yoga is the calming of the turnings of the mind. One of the first teachings of yoga that resonated with Sarah when she discovered her practice in 2002 and lead her to become a certified yoga teacher in 2012. After 8 years of practice, Sarahtrained for two years with Sondra O’Donnell in Ann Arbor MI to achieve her RYT 200. Sarah welcomes breath, the spirit of community, movement, freedom and acceptance into every class. She has found the benefits of yoga spread well beyond the mat into her hectic life as a research scientist and wants to share the mental and physical benefits of yoga with her students.Sarah has taught restorative yoga for better backs, yoga for anxiety and depression, spirited vinyasa, and kripalu style yoga classes.

Nancy Palomo Prenatal Yoga

Nancy Palomo | Yoga Instructor

Nancy is a licensed massage therapist. In 2009, she took her very first yoga class at Prairie Sunshine and quickly recognized the benefits that it could bring to both herself and her clients. She attended teacher training in 2010 and is a 200 hour registered yoga instructor, incorporating yoga into her massage therapy practice.

Since 1993, Nancy has been certified in pregnancy massage and is now teaching prenatal yoga to offer women the opportunity to continue yoga during their pregnancy, manage the changes occurring in their bodies, and prepare for child birth.

Edda Rodriguez

Edda Rodriguez | Yoga Instructor

“Sharing Yoga with others is really a privilege. It is an honor to help the students find the connection of breath, body and mind through this practice. Seeing them experience deeper levels of peace, acceptance and greater happiness gives me joy.”  -Edda


Melissa DeNapoli | Yoga Instructor

I found yoga after a doctor had recommended I try it during a difficult time in my life. After my very first class, I was hooked. I fell in love with the practice and how it made me feel physically, mentally and spiritually. It provided me with an opportunity to connect with my breath (something I hadn’t given much thought to before) and allowed a way to release the stress that I had been holding onto. The more classes I took, the more I wanted to learn. I decided to enroll in teacher training and completed my 200 hour certification through Emerald Heart school of Yoga with Mara Campbell in May of 2014. Yoga gave me the gift of learning to slow down and observe my breath and body, and I hope to share that with others on the mat. I have a passion in teaching Restorative, Gentle, Yin and Children’s yoga classes.


Julie Scheck | Yoga Instructor

I first came to a yoga mat over 16 years ago & loved it! I noticed how much better I slept. I felt much lighter after each practice. Stress is at an epidemic level in our current society. Yoga practice connecting mind, body & spirit along with breath work = de-stressing. There are many styles of yoga. My passion is gentle & restorative yoga. We all have limitations. Through body awareness, we can honor limitations. Any pose can be modified. If you can breath, you can do yoga!
Julie, RYT 200

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Carrie Modra | Yoga Instructor

I grew up playing sports so I considered myself healthy because of all of the physical training I did.  Being “healthy” was defined by how fast I could run a mile or if could I play a 90 minute soccer game.  Health, back then, had nothing to do with supporting myself physically, mentally and spiritually through a healthy lifestyle. However, as the years passed, running a mile was not even an option as the pain from fibromyalgia became too debilitating.  Frustrated with doctors willing to band-aid my symptoms with medications but providing no real explanation as to the cause of my problems, I looked for other alternatives to healing.  I turned to yoga, a diet of whole foods and never looked back.  Yoga gives me a scientific framework to support my body, mind and spirit, and my fibromyalgia symptoms continue to improve as my practice deepens.  Yoga has been a powerful  influence in my life and has shifted my perspective on the meaning of true holistic wellness. I received my certification in Hatha yoga through the Temple of Kriya Chicago where I had the privilege of studying with Kim Schwartz and David Lipschutz and I am registered with the Yoga Alliance. I am also working on my certifications in Child Light Yoga© and Yoga 4 Classrooms©.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share the practice of yoga with those who are interested in learning.


Isabel Raci | Yoga Instructor

Isabel Raci is committed to healthy aging and living a yogic lifestyle.  She is a 200 RYT, a CLYL (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader) and a Connected Warrior.  Isabel has also studied therapeutic relaxation, trained in cancer yoga therapy, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  She is passionate about the practice of yoga and meditation as self-care.

“I have noticed that all of life can be a meditation, if we allow.  Even chores such as cooking, cleaning or grocery shopping can take on a meditative quality when we remember to breathe, to remain mindful of the present moment. Yoga has helped me recover from injuries and stay centered during various life changes.  My teaching is alignment-based and happy.  My goal is to provide a safe, nurturing and lighthearted environment for students where they can flourish, feel peaceful and cultivate joy.”


Kris Jackson | Yoga Instructor

Kris Jackson received her YT200 in June of 2016. 
For the past year, Kris has taught a mixture of vinyasa and restorative classes for a wide range of men and women, of all ages. She also implemented a brand new class, Core Yoga with a stability ball, at the studio she currently teaches at. 
A Minnesota native, Kris currently lives in “The Icebox of the Nation” in International Falls, MN with her family and small herd of pets. She is a cat lover, avid quilter and is very much looking forward to spending some time out in her garden this summer. 
In the coming years, Kris plans to continue her daily ashtanga practice, spend more time learning about meditation and delve into Piyo–a Pilates/yoga mix. 
“Yoga has reminded me to stay unattached from negativity and to remain non-judgemental of myself and those around me,” says Kris. “It makes me more mindful of how I’m treating my body and who I am spending my time with.”